Remember When?

As many of you know, the IHM order has recently announced their plans to withdraw from St. Gabriel Convent in order to be able to effectively continue their wonderful mission and maintain their many commitments with fewer sisters. The IHMs have lived within the St. Gabriel Parish for the past 110 years serving countless parishioners, parents, teachers, staff and children and we are eternally grateful for their dedication and ministry.

If you have ever walked into the doors of St. Gabe’s and have experienced the exceptionally warm and welcoming culture and the love and care present across the entire St. Gabe’s community, then you know something of the legacy that Sr. Noreen and the other IHM sisters have built.

Please join us! Mass of Thanksgiving in honor of the IHM Sisters for their 110 years of service and dedication to Saint Gabriel School.

Date: Sunday, May 20th

Time: 10:00 AM Mass – Followed by a reception with light refreshments in the school hall.

Help us to honor the IHM sisters by keeping the memory of their legacy alive for generations to come! We all have a story to tell, a favorite memory to share. Please share them here and you can even make a gift in memory or in honor of someone. You gift will ensure that more memories will be created in the halls of St. Gabriel’s for many years to come.

Read some of the memories others have shared and then share with us your favorite memories:

  • Sister Paul Mercedes. Sister Richard (Donna Shallo). Two of the best!

Peggy Dulisse MCGrory (1976)

  • My favorite memory is my favorite IHM nun, Sister Joseph Maureen, 8th grade. Upon graduation she gave us all a holy card. On the back is inscribed, ” May our Lady ever watch over you. S.J. M. I have kept the holy card in my wallet since 1963. I will keep it forever.

Al Goodwin (1963)

  • Sister Richard!

Gernado Ervin (1997)

  • I didn’t want to go to school, but Sister Regina Marian took me class by class in Kindergarten to show me all the children who were there to learn.
  • Sister Elaine taught me to play the guitar in the convent and sing me heart out in the organ loft!
  • Sister Paul was always the life of the party.
  • Sister Assumpta gave me a beautiful statue of Mary for my First Holy Communion.

Christine Dodson (1982)

  • When sister Joann brought the whole class over to the garden. I never saw it before then, in 4th grade. It was a really nice experience. She was the best! I loved her! She made us feel comfortable and welcome in the convent. Even though I moved away, the thought of them leaving and that not being a convent anymore is disheartening. I wish the IHM sister’s well on their transition and thank you all for all you’ve done for everyone throughout all the years.

Megan Peak (1996)

  • I, with a few of my classmates, belonged to the group known as the Handmaids of Mary. We would go to the convent on Sunday evenings at 6:00 and pray the Angelis with the Sisters. Some of us would stay a little longer and tidy up the convent – dusting the pianos, watering plants, etc. We always viewed the Sisters as saints from heaven, not ordinary people. We decided that the only way we could solve the mystery of our Sisters’ lives was to ask for a glimpse of their rooms. It was like asking a saint to share her life with us. Finally, after a few weeks, we did ask one of the Sisters if we could see her room. Laughing, she said, “Of course!” I can still see the bedroom with the twin bed, nightstand, desk, and the crucifix hung over the bed. The mystery had been solved. We then went down to the kitchen, where the “cooking Sister” was rinsing dishes, and sat at the longest kitchen table I had ever seen. We had our usual treat, a huge bowl of vanilla ice cream! I have very happy memories of our Sisters, especially Sister Elizabeth Joseph, Sister Noreen, and my dearest girlhood friend, Sister Christine Lamb. ❤️❤️❤️

Joyce Johnston Sanetrik (1963)

  • I have many fond memories of King Of Peace and the sisters that taught there!
    I remember my 6th grade Sr. Marie Chantel, my 7th grade Sr. Marie Clare and most of all my favorite 8th grade Sr. Mary Agnes (the “Captain of the Ship”) God Bless them all. They taught us well and I live by those teaches still today!

Anna Corriere Gregory (1957)

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